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People with high scores on a psychopathy rating scale are more likely to engage in bullying, crime and drug use than other people. A workplace bully or abuser will often have issues with social functioning. These types of people often have psychopathic traits that are difficult to identify in the hiring and promotion process. These individuals often lack anger management skills and have a distorted sense of reality. Consequently, when confronted with the accusation of abuse, the abuser is not aware that any harm was done.

Narcissists were found to prefer indirect bullying tactics such as withholding information that affects others' performance, ignoring others, spreading gossip, constantly reminding others of mistakes, ordering others to do work below their competence level, and excessively monitoring others' work rather than direct tactics such as making threats, shouting, persistently criticizing, or making false allegations.

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The research also revealed that narcissists are highly motivated to bully, and that to some extent, they are left with feelings of satisfaction after a bullying incident occurs. According to Namie , Machiavellians manipulate and exploit others to advance their perceived personal agendas. In his view, Machiavellianism represents one of the core components of workplace bullying. According to Gary and Ruth Namie, as well as Tracy, et al. Organizations are beginning to take note of workplace bullying because of the costs to the organization in terms of the health of their employees.

According to scholars at The Project for Wellness and Work-Life at Arizona State University , "workplace bullying is linked to a host of physical, psychological, organizational, and social costs. The negative effects of bullying are so severe that posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD and even suicide [87] [88] are not uncommon.

In addition, co-workers who witness workplace bullying can also have negative effects, such as fear, stress, and emotional exhaustion. Workplace bullying can also hinder the organizational dynamics such as group cohesion, peer communication, and overall performance. In addition, inadequate or negative communication techniques can further drive an employee towards feeling of being disconnected from the company's mission and goals Hidzir, et al.

One way that companies can combat the destructive consequences associated with employee depression is to offer more support for counseling and consider bringing in experts to educate staff on the consequences of bullying. Ignoring the problem of depression and decreased workplace performance is creating an unsustainable path towards intergroup conflict and lasting feelings of disillusionment Fischer, et al.

Supervisors driven by bottom line fail to get top performance from employees

Jurnal Pengurusan, McTernan, W. Depression in the workplace: An economic cost analysis of depression-related productivity loss attributable to job strain and bullying. Research by Dr. Dan Dana has shown organizations suffer a large financial cost by not accurately managing conflict and bullying type behaviours. He has developed a tool to assist with calculating the cost of conflict.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Persistent pattern of mistreatment from others in the workplace that causes either physical or emotional harm. Main article: Culture. Main article: Culture of fear.

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    Post navigation. I Choose You? View or edit your browsing history. Organizationally, this translates into administrative slack. Peter Drucker relates a company's ability to innovate to the amount of administrative slack it provides in its daily operations ' Creativity in Danger' Its existence also is an example of institutional abuse , because it contributes to a culture based on management by threat and intimidation To truly create the conditions that will support an all-out effort towards continuous improvement of products and services, the annual review of individual performance will have to be given up because it drives the wrong behavior.

    Practicing quality appropriately will also remove opportunities for abusing employees through management by fear. Their harassers are in a position to control a variety of resources, which makes abused employees similar to other victims of abuse. But unlike other victims, they have an added disadvantage. By virtue of their subordinate position , they automatically have less credibility than their supervisors.