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I do usually make the best of the weather. However, I hate winters when I have to drive on ice or lots of snow going to work. If I could just stay home on those days I would be totally happy. I prefer cooler weather. My score was a Describes me just like a good day should be. I like storms and like to sit out on the porch to watch them. I also like a good cool day as well, so I can get out to either go for a brisk walk or a good bicycle ride. Just as long there is no mosquitos around lol. I scored I hate the heat. I LOVE rainy, stormy, cool, overcast weather….

Bring on the gloom!!

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My score was a 18 …but I am such a sun worshiper I would rake the beach and sunny days over the snow ANY day!! I love storms especially Blizzards let it snow let it snow let it snow. Love my cold weather …. Sunny and warm was left out but living in the SW I like the sun and heat. Score was on target, 18 — Love looking forward to the changing seasons, especially spring.

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I, too, could go from Spring to Fall weather! I can bundle up. I love the ocean beach in January in NJ , when I sit on my chair all bundled in blankets admiring the ocean! Mine was a 22 but the heat part…no way…I am NOT a summer or hot weather person.. I could go from Spring right back into Fall.. I scored 23 points but definitely not outdoorsy except to change water.

I love storms but they do not love me. I love sunshine but have to be careful in it but better than inversions.

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Whomever came up with this test, well, they need to think again. When young I was a sun worshiper, big mistake. I worked and played hard, now, age is showing that was not such a good idea. But love sitting by a window, watching weather, rain or snow or shine 75 degrees at most. The answers were not accurate for me to choose from. I love arid hot days. There is a huge difference. I love the Spring and the Fall in a warm area like Texas that is arid. So, yes — I am active — there.

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It is due to medical issues that I feel better in that sort of area. Right now, I am in NYS — much tougher to deal with. I completely fall apart in humidity or freezing cold — but it is beautiful here. Weather is just hard for some people with medical issues. I absolutely love a storm and the more thunder I hear the better I like it! The perfect temp.

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They changed the scoring chart since the last time I did the test. This time I fell in the right category. Now the test makes sense to me. I too love the midwest with the distinct 4 seasons.


When I see the first snow fall of the year I first jump up and down like a kid then head directly outside. Fall is my favorite though. I love the crisp clean air, the leaves crackling underfoot and the wonderful colors that surround us. I also love good hearty thunderstorms. They make me come alive.

I feel totally rejuvenated when I hear rumble of thunder and see the lightning flash across the sky. It must be an age thing because the older I get, the lower my score. I was 26 possible I love thunderstorms and blizzards! Welcome to your new home for help, the Google Nest Help Center. Set your preferred weather unit. Was this helpful? Yes No. Have a question? Chat Now Chat with a member of the Google Nest team. Fall and winter are when we are our best selves, when we look our best, and when life in general is more jam-packed with joy. Here are all the things only people who love cold weather understand. Armpit sweat isn't particularly attractive either, but it's much more common. Boob sweat looks like leakage even when you aren't breastfeeding, back sweat looks like someone accidentally spilled their drink on you without you noticing, and butt sweat looks like you knowingly sat in a puddle.

It's just Call me basic, but when the sleeves fully extend, layers get added, and hot lattes are all seasonally spiced up?

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It could be late September when this weather shift occurs, but it still feels like Christmas. Hair, makeup, everyday activities, etc. It takes a hot day and makes it feel like every step you take is through a sticky air swamp.