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Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Return to natural beauty! The harsh chemicals, harmful toxins, and disgusting ingredients in your store-bought beauty products are damaging your health and the environment.

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Back To Beauty will show you just how easy it is to make incredible and effective beauty products right at home! Your answer to Return to natural beauty! Your answer to flawless skin and an allover glow is here at your fingertips. Learn how to easily make skin cleansers facial masks body scrubs lip balms herbal shampoos deep conditioners and much more at home with everyday ingredients.

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I have your book and I also take Juiceplus. I look like a wrinkle dog. Any suggestions? I have read that cooking is predigestion of food outside the body. In Chinese medicine, the majority of all food should be cooked. How is it that eating mostly raw vegetables is good for health? Thank you for the tips! Love it! What would you recommend for acne skin? I have used Proactive for the last 10 years which helped so much, however, I have recently learned that benzoyl peroxide is not a safe chemical for your liver. So, I began using an all-natural, coconut oil based cleanser and toner, AYU, and use a bit of raw, food grade coconut oil as a moisturizer day and night.

I was worried that it would be too oily and clog my pores but it absorbs right in and is not heavy at all. My skin has never looked better, and I am now 50! My wrinkles are fading and my skin is glowing. Once I started using real, raw coconut oil, my skin never breaks out anymore! Try it!

How to achieve GLASS SKIN with Natural Ingredients in 5 days

Thanks for the tips.. I had a quick question regarding the magnesium oxygen. I have done a bit of research and a lot of it is negative as far as side effects. What are you thoughts? And do you have a brand u would recommend? Is the organic, extra virgin coconut oil that you mention to moisturize your skin, the same one that you use for cooking such as Nutiva?

And second, how do you continue having a Glowing Green Smoothie each morning when you travel and are staying in a hotel? Do you just do without? Thank you! I have tried to convince him to come off the foods that you mention in your detox book but because he is thin he does not want to loose weight. Can you suggest foods that are healthy that dont make you loose weight.

Certain face oils are high in linoleic acid, helping to bring balance back to blemish-prone skin

Can you send an answer to my email box. Great tips! My favorite go-to skin product is Aloe Vera…all natural…every morning and night I take a little bit of the gel and use it before I moisturize my skin. It helped me get rid of my acne and reduced my scars a LOT faster than with commercial products! How long until the temporary skin irritation, breakouts or other issues go away?

Why not use instead organic: lettuces, escarole or parsley. Arthritis, osteoporosis etc. Nix the Spinach and replace it with other wonderful Organic Greens! Thanks for sharing this post. How does magnesium oxygen help with our complexion? What exactly is Magnesium Oxygen, and how does it work differently from regular Magnesium? What amount is recommended? Can Calcium also be taken at the same time? You are my health hero Kim! Thank you for bringing the truth out, and starting a true health revolution. This revolution is also my passion, and I believe we can change lives one person at a time through the truth you have worked so hard to give us.

Blessings to you!!!

10 Amazing Homemade Face Packs for Summer Days

You indicate to start every morning with a GGS. Could you tell me if this is breakfast? Or in addition to? Amazon has a few. Does the water with lemon have to be hot? I do not like hot beverages so I was hoping cold lemon water is a good substitute. Hot water is ideal because cold water is more difficult to digest the body must warm it up itself. I know that Kim is big on optimizing the amount of energy that goes towards getting rid of toxins.

If you can use less energy digesting, it helps. Hello Kim, I just turned 30, and I still get my acne time to time mostly around the time of my period. Do you have any suggestions? I finally made a connection after Thanksgiving one year and tried cutting out Gluten. My skin cleared immediately! In fact if I have even ONE white flour roll at dinner or 2 bites of regular pizza crust I get a reaction!

Hope this helps! Here, try this idea; I used it myself and made my classmates jelous! The older the honey is, the better the results would be. Also, it seems that beefarms are not as effective as honey taken from naturally occuring honeycombs. Add a little fresh nutmeg powder. Use your fingers to spread the paste all over your face it heals scars nicely, too , but try not to rub hard.

Honey, being the natural antibacterial, is perfect for acne prevention. Hi Kimberly!