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His death passed largely unnoticed, since this was also the day of the assassination of President John F.

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Aldous Huxley spent most of his life warning of the dangers of social manipulation and the importance of personal freedom. His lived the contradictions he wrote about, working in Hollywood while condemning the manipulation of society by the media, writing in Brave New World of a society controlled by drugs while promoting them as tools for personal growth. Although much of his work is little read today, his influence is everywhere, from yoga and mindfulness classes to vegetarianism and recreational drug-use. Throughout all his writing runs a thread of respect for other beliefs, the need for acceptance of differences and an abiding belief in liberty.

Most if not all of his books remain in print or readily available. There are several film versions of Brave New World.

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The Early Classics of Aldous Huxley

Member of Foreign Press Association in London. Our Upcoming Trips At Anglotopia we're always planning our next trip. By the end of his career, Huxley was considered one of the foremost intellectuals of his time, and as both a humanist and a pacifist, his ideas and writing had an immense impact on society, particularly when it came to mysticism and universalism. By his early twenties, Huxley established himself as a successful writer and satirist, and he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature seven times, and was additionally made the Companion of Literature by the Royal Society of Literature in But who was Aldous Huxley beyond the world of literature?

Well, he was a man with remarkably bad eyesight due to an accident he had as a teenager — honestly, it is believed he was almost completely blind for the majority of his life. Huxley had an extended association with the Vedanta Society in Southern California, which I promise to explain in great detail later on.

Presumably the remaining Tippit family remembers it well. A handful will know he was an intellectual and satirist.

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If people remember that he was British, they might assume he died in England when, in fact, he moved to Southern California in and died there of cancer. Movie buffs could mention that he scripted a few films for MGM in Hollywood.

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He dabbled in the occult and hallucinogenic drugs. So, who remembers Aldous Huxley? Mostly a specialized group of academics, philosophers and English literature teachers. In England, the death of C. Lewis passed with little notice. Before his death, C. Lewis had a conversation with a lawyer regarding his literary estate. Lewis was dismissive. He was certain that few people, if anyone, would know his work within, say, five years of his death.

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He may have been right had his writings been left to the British to carry on. But the people of other nations, Americans in particular, did not forget him.

On the contrary, and unlike the legacies of John F. Kennedy and Aldous Huxley, the work of C.

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Lewis has grown and expanded since his death 50 years ago. For those who did not share his beliefs, there remains a love and respect for The Chronicles of Narnia or his Science Fiction trilogy or the satirical The Screwtape Letters. For Christians or those exploring Christianity, his book Mere Christianity has become the go-to articulation of the faith. The Problem of Pain and A Grief Observed remain touch-points for those who yearn to understand suffering. And, within the Lewis canon, there are countless other books, articles and essays still being discovered by a new generation of readers.

What are we to make of these three men?