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Non, je ne regrette rien

Edith Piaf sang the song for the first time in and today, Ana Gros may follow her tune — sort of. For sure, the year-old Slovenian right back will be able to sing it in French, as she speaks the language fluently after nearly seven years in France. Is there any reason to regret the two-year contract she signed with Brest before this season?

It is a good club, the other girls here are nice and besides all of it, I enjoy living by the sea. At the same time, it was important to me that I remain in France, where I like to be and where I speak the language. Not only have Metz been doing better than Brest this season, but the club from the west coast of France lost big time against Metz in the French league as well as in the Champions League.

Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien.

Those losses hurt and Ana Gros agrees. Apart from her alcoholism; lust for any man who glistened for her; she still, to this day, is a beautiful representation of non, je ne regrette rien. These last few months, for me, have been filled with an aptitude of change — an air of vast culling of people in my life, significant decisions — hard choices, in fact — that will affect the rest of my days, and swift financial determinations that will make, or break, me. I chose, many moons ago, to live concsiously — to move on from past errors; to let go of past mistakes; to learn from my missteps; to love when all seems deserted; to go to war when one must fight; and most importantly: to sleep when one is droopy-eyed.

And as I look back at this magnificent, memorable period, I say two things:. Edith, I wish you were still here to craft more elegant chansons. It is very plain, no ornamentation, and basically, a rectangular box. Table and pedestal tombs stand above the underground grave. Her remains met the same fate as the kings and queens during the French Revolution.

Certain cemetery symbols are quite well known.

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We all know angels are one of the favorites. The angel is totally friendly. They are a heavenly messenger carrying messages from God and are your guides to Heaven. Speaking of cute little kids, a sculpted sleeping child is the Victorian symbol for death. Sculpted flowers seem to be big for the deceased who picks this stuff out—the dying or their relatives? The lily and rose seem to be the most popular flowers. The lily represents innocence and purity while the rose is romantic, passionate, and beautiful. Poppies symbolize eternal sleep and I imagine might be quite popular on the grave stones of South American drug lords.

When you see representations of flowers or plants, look closely for broken stems. This means someone died unexpectedly. In many cemeteries, the occupants or their survivors have decided to memorialize an organization, religion, or occupation.

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Or perhaps, if you were a big shot sports announcer, how about a giant microphone on top of your grave? What do you think when you see two hands shaking?

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Look close and see if one hand is male while the other is female. Why is the angel dropping flowers? You may encounter the Egyptian influence—this was once very popular in Paris. Another favorite Egyptian monument is the obelisk.

non je ne regrette rien

Did you know if the top of the obelisk is truncated, it means the resident below it met a violent death? By the way, truncated columns and broken tree limbs have the same meaning while a tree stump indicates a life cut short. The lotus presumably from the Nile River symbolizes creation and birth.

Sometimes, letters appear on the grave stone. If you see the Alpha and Omega letters, it symbolizes the beginning Alpha and the end Omega. These were the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. The cross symbolizes suffering while the crown represents eternal rewards. This symbolism was used quite extensively by the Knights Templar. What are you to make of the upside-down torch? It means the soul of the deceased is still burning in the afterlife. When you see a harp, look hard for the broken string.

It represents a break in mortal life same goes for lyres. As far as animals go, if you see a horse sculpted into the stone, is it white or black? The horse is a symbol for death while the color represents either good white or evil black. The rabbit represents humility, gentleness, and self-sacrifice especially for those pregnancy tests.

Doves are popular and typically adorn the graves of women who die young.