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About the Author. Hometown: Beverly Hills, California. Date of Birth: August 9, Education: B.

Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Obsession Alex Delaware Series 21 2. Anonymous More than 1 year ago I always enjoy reading his books. This one is not quite up to par, non the less it was a good story. As I was immersed once again into another case of past meeting present, I was reminded of how much I love these characters! When Dr. Delaware is contacted by a former patient after her mother dies, a very strange story unfolds.

The girl's mother was a "saint," a nurse who kept the E.

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The fact that she died after a brief illness, and after confessing to having committed a terrible deed, leads her daughter to seek Alex's help. The fact that her mother's boss was Rick Silverman, Milo Sturgis' significant other, only adds to the creative layers of this case. Delaware for "curing" her. Although Alex has his doubts about the state of Tanya's condition, more stressing matters are on his mind when bodies start piling up, and the "terrible deed" and possible murder that Patty Bigelow confessed to on her deathbed is only the beginning.

I promise, you won't be disappointed -- although you will be wondering when the next Alex Delaware novel will be published! Mystery7 More than 1 year ago Excellent read. Guest More than 1 year ago I've read all the Alex Delaware novels and was so looking forward to this one coming out in paperback. I've had to make myself read the first half and have no motivation to finish: there are too many characters and it's flat out boring.

Unfortunately, even paperback price was too much. I'm afraid Jonathan Kellerman's gone the same route as Patricial Cornwell and a few other authors who were once great but have lost their touch.

Things That Have Never Ever Been Said: Delaware-Obsessed Edition

Guest More than 1 year ago I have been a big fan of the Alex Delaware series. He and Milo pretty much carry the plot line but in this novel there are way too many characters. Let's bring family continuity back with more Robin and Spikes predicessor. I also like Rick. This storyline just rambled on and on until I was speed reading the last chapter just to get it over with.

Money wasted. Guest More than 1 year ago Have always enjoyed the Alex Delaware series. So disappointed in this one and could barely finish it. Guest More than 1 year ago This is my first book that I read from this Author. I was sorry I ever bought it. The book has no action. I was hoping the ending would make up for the dullness.

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But as with the whole book, it was also a let down. I've had more fun getting root canal. The ER nurse took in her niece and raised her as best as she could. She got the child help from psychologist Dr.

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Now nineteen, Tanya calls Dr. Delaware to ask for his help. Just before dying from pancreatic cancer, Aunt Patty told her that she committed a homicide years ago. Tanya has trouble believing that the caring person who sacrificed so much for her could have killed someone, but needs to know the truth to obtain final closure about the person who was a mom to her.

Obsession (Alex Delaware, No. 21)

The story line is action-packed from the first call until the final consultation that Alex knows is only the beginning for Tanya. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Great book! The only complaint I have was that it seemed to bog down a bit with too many "what-if's".

As they tried to figure out the whodunit, there just seemed to be too many variables that made my head spin more than once. I was able to follow along, however, and as the author does so well, the tale was spun and I was turning pages well into the night. I enjoyed the little twist at the end. Lucid writing, swift pacing and highly eloquent language mark this book as a definite good read and Mr. Kellerman fans will thoroughly enjoy the familiar characters sprinkled throughout. Darrol on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago Okay story about an adoptive mother's death bed attempt to protect her daughter leading into the world of a petty psychopathic individual.

It is so unlikely that this thin hint would actually absorb the time of a small handful of investigators from two police jurisdictions. As far as I was concerned, the plot strained credulity, and I kept loosing track of who the characters were. My habit of finishing a book I've started kept me going to the end, but I wonder why as I rushed through the last chapters just to get it over with. Having said that, there was some interesting stuff about OCD and how psychologists deal with it that were worth reading.

Obsession (Alex Delaware Book 21)

Psychologist Alex Delaware moves the story along. Each event unfolds on the next leading eventually to the killer s.

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Boundlessbookreviews More than 1 year ago Action packed non-stop suspense! I absolutely loved this psychological thriller! The story line is imaginative; I felt compassion for Tanya immediately, loved Dr. Delaware, and either found most of the other characters amusing, downright weird, or instantly hated them.

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The perfect book! The narration by Rubinstein was done excellently as well, an all-around great listen! I would like to add; both my husband and I loved Obsession, so this is a good one for your next road trip too. Definitely a 5 Boundless Star book! Deb U. Anonymous More than 1 year ago I liked the part where Alex was taking care of Milo after he got shot. Anonymous More than 1 year ago. Related Searches.