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After another week or two the pain was no better. I went back to see the surgeon and he ordered a CT scan with contrast of the abdomen.

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It took a week or two before the scan was done. The scan showed an abdominal aortic dissection. The surgeon called my mother and told her to get me to the emergency room immediately. I was scanned again but this time chest and abdomen.

This scan revealed a large cm ascending aortic aneursym. I had surgery the next day to repair the aneursym and replace my aortic valve which was severly damaged.

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My descending aorta is dissected to the pelvis. This causes a lot of pain. I have just completed genetic testing and I am positive for a variant of the Marfan gene. No one else in our family has had an aortic dissection or aneurysm that we know of. Even though I have ongoing problems I feel very blessed to be alive. My aneurysm was found just in time. I am on medication for my heart rate, blood pressure and pain.

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I have had to put off completing college but hope to be back in school in January of Thanks for stopping by to view our stories. Please help me keep the site going by shopping at Amazon. Brian Tinsley founder of AorticDissection. On July 30, I stumbled across this article today while searching Google for Aortic Dissection news.

And, nobody probably would have!!! That is even the more scary thing. This person appears to have been a Marfan candidate and therefore was already behind the eight ball when it comes to playing sports. So, this strenuous basketball playing over the years was weakening his aorta every time his heart rate was racing from his exercise. The preliminary autopsy found that the curved, ascending portion of Mr. That created a cardiac tapinade, which suppressed or prevented the organ from pumping properly. James Patrick, Lucas County coroner, said Mr.

Charalambous had recently been seen by Dr. But the coroner declined to comment on what the visit was for, citing doctor-patient and medical privacy laws. At an afternoon news conference in Savage Hall, Dr. Kruse also said that because of the federal Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act he could not discuss his visits with Mr. Charalambous and other athletes for any potential health problems. Kruse said.

Kruse later told The Blade that he spoke to Mr. Charalambous collapsed about 11 a. Aortic dissection occurs in about two of every 10, people, according to MedlinePlus, a service of the U. There are two types of aortic dissection: Type A, which begins in the ascending part of the aorta and requires surgery to repair; and Type B, which begins in the last or descending part of the aorta and moves down the abdomen, but may be treated with anti-hypertensives to lower blood pressure or heart medications such as beta-blockers.

Hardening of the arteries atherosclerosis and high blood pressure are among the risks that can cause an aortic dissection. Patrick, who reviewed the autopsy findings, and Dr. Kruse said further testing is needed to know the exact cause of Mr.

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That testing will take several weeks, they said. Patrick said. One possible cause of aortic dissection in younger patients is Marfan syndrome, a weakening of arteries and other connective tissues that is often found in tall, lanky individuals with long arms, legs, and fingers. Blair Grubb, professor of medicine and pediatrics at University Medical Center and director of the clinical cardiac electrophysiology program. Kruse said tests will be run to determine whether Marfan syndrome was involved in Mr.

Aortic dissection is more than twice as likely to occur in men than women, and happens most often between the ages of 40 and 70, MedlinePlus reports. In younger athletes such as Mr. Charalambous, aortic dissection usually happens due to genetic structural deficiencies. Grubb said. In about half of all cases of sudden athlete death, the athlete experiences no symptoms of the condition until the fatal one, Dr.

If caught early, a weakened aorta can sometimes be corrected with open-heart surgery, or risks can be reduced through a drug regimen of beta blockers, which reduce the force of heart contractions. Less than half of all patients who suffer aorta ruptures survive, MedlinePlus reports. Symptoms usually begin suddenly or over a short period of time and can include chest pain with changing location, dizziness, disorientation, intense anxiety, profuse sweating clammy skin , dry skin and mouth, thirst, nausea and vomiting, and shortness of breath even when lying flat. On July 21, In Aortic Dissection , Emergency Room.

The Cook County medical malpractice alleged that the decedent, Michael Hamilton, would still be alive if not for the preventable emergency room errors committed at St. James Hospital. Hamilton presented to the emergency room at St. James Hospital in Chicago Heights complaining of abdominal pain. Hamilton had been at work in a local paint factory when he began feeling dizzy, sweaty, nauseous, and having severe chest pains. Co-workers reported that he was pounding his chest with his fist and laying down in extreme pain.

They called an ambulance and he was rushed to the emergency room. However, by the time that Hamilton presented to the emergency room his severe pains had diminished substantially. Jose Almeida, M. Less than a week later, the 35 year-old was found dead at his home. A medical examiner determined that Hamilton had died of an aortic dissection, which occurs when the bleeding occurs into the aorta. Because the aorta is the major artery carrying blood out of the heart, when there is bleeding in this area it affects the blood flow throughout the whole body.

An aortic dissection is considered a medical emergency. At the time of his death, Hamilton lived with his mother, Evelyn Hart, who brought the Chicago wrongful death lawsuit against St. The Illinois lawsuit alleged that Dr.

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Almeida taken those steps that Hamilton could have been saved. Almeida and his experts retorted that he had satisfied the standard of care and not done anything wrong. The defense responded by pointing out how rare aortic dissections are, especially in someone in their 30s. The defense maintained the emergency room doctor had acted appropriately in response to someone who presented with abdominal pain that then resolved while he was in the emergency room.

However, the standard practice for physicians is to rule out the most serious cause of abdominal pain first, gradually moving from most life-threatening problems to more common causes.

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This was obviously not done in Mr. On July 19, In Descending , Forties , Personal Stories. N ame: Gisela Hsiao Email: guamnec yahoo. I always remember that day when I first had chest pain on Nov 23, : I just came back from lunch break around and sitting in my office, suddenly I heard a continuous bubbling from my stomach to heart then a shooting pain hit me. I was working as an accountant at one casino in Vegas, during that time our secretary stopped by and found that I was in serious pain.

She reported to my boss and called right away. Within 10 min. They suggested I should go to the ER. When arrived in Hospital ER,my BP was still very high and they examed me thoughly from X-ray, Ultra sound then CT scan, MRI , they found out what caused me chest pain: a very long tear inside my aorota from heart to stomach, it was pm already. I was in CCU for 15 days and never thought it would be that fetal seriously ill.

And in Sep , I was pregant with my 3rd child which also contributed too, I think!

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After 6 months released from Hospital , I had the scheduled CT Scan on May 16, and the result stays stable which made me happy but my heart doctor suggested that I should consider a repair surgery and referred me to Endovascular Surgery Center USC in L. I supposed to receive a surgery today, Jul 18, however the Nurse USC called me last Monday to postpone it because some sergeons wanted to review more my medical record….

I started to train my year-old daughter to clean the house and take care of her 2 young brothers if I die…. On July 10, N ame: Sandra Dempsey Email: mikedempsey28 yahoo. M y Name is Mike Dempsey. Fire Rescue in Gilmer Co. This is the story of my mother Sandra. With what we all thought was a lot of life left in her.

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I told him I was on my way, But in no way was I prepared for what was about to happen. I knew my mother has had some minor breathing problems before, but nothing major. The Medic unit arrived and paramedic Jason Anderson phoned me and told me mother was to weak to come to the door. I arrived shortly after with a key. Mother has high blood pressure so we knew something wrong. With fluids going we head to the local ER. A helicopter was dispatched to fly mother to Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga about a 20 min.