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Such a wide variety of interests are drawn together by a common focus on lasers as primary experimental tools, and on quantum mechanics as the primary theoretical paradigm. We hope to bring together interested parties from a variety of different backgrounds, including math, computer science, physics, chemistry, and engineering, to share ideas as well as open questions. Search Site only in current section. Advanced Search…. History of the Department.

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Quantum optics

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One photon state in a single mode: particle-like behaviour

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3. Quantum description of light, Part 1

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As with entanglement, it is applicable to simple and more complex quantum systems such as atoms and molecules. Recent research demonstrated quantum teleportation between atomic systems over long distances. Quantum Information Processing focuses on information processing and computing based on quantum mechanics. While current digital computers encode data in binary digits bits , quantum computers aren't limited to two states.

They encode information as quantum bits, or qubits, which can exist in superposition. Qubits can be implemented with atoms, ions, photons or electrons and suitable control devices that work together to act as computer memory and a processor. Because a quantum computer can contain these multiple states simultaneously, they provide an inherent parallelism. This will enable them to solve certain problems much faster than any classical computer using the best currently known algorithms, like integer factorization or the simulation of quantum many-body systems.

Right now the quantum computer is still in its infancy. First steps on that road are the simplest building blocks such as quantum logic gates and memory based on genuine quantum effects such as superposition and entanglement. Imprint Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. Home Applications Quantum Optics. Quantum Optics Quantum optics is a field of research that deals with the application of quantum mechanics to phenomena involving light and its interactions with matter.

Coincidence Correlation Determine the presence of a single quantum system. Read More.