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Storm Chasing Handbook by Tim Vasquez (2002, Paperback)

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  • David K. Hoadley;
  • by Tim Vasquez.
  • Learning the basics about storm chasing.
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More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Storm Chasing Handbook. Apr 29, Keith Peterson rated it really liked it.

Very good introduction to storm chasing. Jun 02, Kris Jackson rated it really liked it. Really good on storm chasing. Some things are a bit outdated though. Apr 11, Sherry rated it liked it. The Storm Chasing Handbook is heralded by some as thee book on storm chasing.

Storm Chasing Handbook

It covers storm chase history, philosophy, technique, and travel information. Readers are introduced to the inner workings of severe weather and the fundamentals of forecasting techniques.

Many of the chapters are blended with wisdom from other storm chaser experiences. A quarter of the book features a Great Plains travel guide covering local history, culture, meteorology, and geology for nearly chase routes, as we The Storm Chasing Handbook is heralded by some as thee book on storm chasing. A quarter of the book features a Great Plains travel guide covering local history, culture, meteorology, and geology for nearly chase routes, as well as broadcast radio and NOAA weather maps, and a summary of past chase years.

The book includes illustrations and cartoons and misses the mark with its black and white photographs. This book is for new chasers or anyone who deals with severe weather on a regular basis. I found it to be too heavy with technical information for the weather enthusiast. I give it 3 out of 5 wine glasses. Jun 13, Stormweed rated it it was amazing. If you want to learn about storm chasing basics Apr 04, Tyler Lees marked it as back-burner Shelves: weather.

Well, my inner nerd has won out. I needed to learn more than I wad been able to find, so here goes What better way to prepare for chase season than with the Storm Chasing Handbook. Lots of great info and even a guide to the sights of the Great Plains. Josh rated it it was amazing Jun 06, Starslayer rated it liked it Aug 18, Matthew rated it it was amazing Dec 28, Doggieflyer rated it it was amazing Sep 16, Dan Suri rated it it was amazing Jun 14, Samantha rated it it was amazing Mar 26, Charles C rated it liked it Nov 05, Amy Snide rated it really liked it Apr 22, Graeme Rennie rated it really liked it May 16, Andrew B Lent rated it really liked it Nov 19, Rishikesh Pancholi rated it it was amazing Jan 12, J rated it liked it Oct 22, Danielle rated it it was amazing Feb 27, Amanda Lynn rated it liked it Apr 06, Only part of this book deals frankly and directly with the dos and don'ts of storm chasing while the rest, deals with terrain and the sights one is likely to find on the road and some things to look for beyond the storms, when chasing isn't really an option.

There are even plugs from other chasers as to their experiences on the road or referring to other areas one might find the elusive tornado. The advice is sound, the information welcome for those who may be newer to the chase or for those who have any interest in the storm even if they don't actively pursue the weather. This would be a great travel book even if one isn't a storm chaser just for the information on the various sights in the area and for those who do have an interest, it helps to interpret just what may be going on above your head.

I recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the field-or for those who want to just hit the road. February 4, - Published on Amazon. Great book.. One of my favorites! August 1, - Published on Amazon. I just wrote a review for another one of Mr. Vasquez's books. All three of them are absolutely fantastic. Tim Vasquez is very well-known and respected in the meteorological community, and with good reason. No one disputes him knowledge.

We all know people though, who are geniuses at what they do, yet who are very dry and boring when they attempt to teach their subject. Vasquez is definitely not one of those sorts.


Nor is he the kind who tries so hard to liven up a subject that he waters down the information with silliness. He presents his information in a solidly informative way that reads very well without coming across as dry. This book in particular, is ideal for those with any interest in storm chasing. In fact, I would call it a "must-have". It gives a very no-nonsense description of how to approach various types of storms. It has a terrific chapter on forecasting not nearly as in-depth as his Forecasting Handbook of course, but still extremely informative and detailed.

It has tons of other information, but you're wasting time! Stop reading reviews, and just buy his book! It's well worth it. May 4, - Published on Amazon. I wish this book had been available when I began storm chasing in It would have saved me countless hours of frustration and thousands of miles of trying to observe the wrong storms in the wrong place. Tim has expertly explained the basic details of making your own severe weather forecast which, in my own opinion, is most of what good ethical storm chasing is about.

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His writing is very readable yet is also technical enough to delve into more advanced facets of forecasting and, if your forecast verifies, how to manage yourself once in the field. As an added bonus, much of the book is dedicated as a "tour book" to many areas of the great plains of the USA. While this may seem odd to some, this is quite valuable since many and I do mean MANY hours spent on the road during a chase are in "down time", waiting for storms to form or finding hours to fill once the cap decides to dominate.

Learning the basics about storm chasing

Overall, I cannot highly recommend this book enough. Tim's other books are equally as valuable and are a welcome steroid injection to the intellect of anyone who is interested in the atmospheric sciences.

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December 1, - Published on Amazon.