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If this movie was made today, with exactly the same leading men and exactly the same premise, it would be a summer-season tent-pole.

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Set in the not-so-distant future of a post-apocalyptic England terrorized by flying, fire-breathing beasts who have awakened, ornery, from a eons-long hibernation , the film features an intense, shaven-headed Matthew McConaughey as an obsessive dragon hunter and Christian Bale as a meek farmer. Played by Andy Serkis, the reluctant ape leader tries negotiating a fragile truce with the surviving humans including Jason Clarke and Keri Russell , but distrust on both sides soon proves tragic.

Evil extraterrestrials versus British hood rats — guess who wins?

Persuading William Hartnell - An Adventure in Space and Time

This funny, fast-paced sci-fi comedy featuring future Force Awakens hero John Boyega and future female-Doctor-Who Jodie Whittaker pits a bunch of neighborhood kids in a rough section of South London against an otherworldy invasion. The fact that it flips the script and makes the so-called underclass the heroes was reason enough to embrace this scrappy take on Eighties blockbusters, but it also brings its action and alien-scares A-game those glowing teeth!

From its tech-heavy dialogue to the loop-the-loop storyline so complex it requires a chart to comprehend , Primer is the rare film that makes no attempt to pander to its audience. No one ever said Sci Fi should be easy.

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In which Hollywood brings out the Howitzers — Spielberg! A script based on a Philip K. Dick story! They say you can never go home again … especially if the town where you grew up has been colonized by some sort of sinister, not-of-this-Earth force. All that, plus a robot fight in a bathroom. What more do you need? Alton Meyer is a strange kid who has a penchant for tuning into frequencies no human ears can pick up like, say, intelligence agency satellites and can do amazing things with his eyes.

Naturally, this makes him a person of interest to both religious cults and government spooks. As we hit the road with our confused on-the-run hero, we realize that Midnight Special is more about our terrestrial problems than extraterrestrial invaders.

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Giant-monster flicks have always been about ecological destruction, and this one is no different. Using a incident of formaldehyde dumping in Seoul as inspiration, this South Korean tale of a creature emerging from the Han River — who not only attacks people, but infects them with a virus — broke box office records in its native country and set a new standard for nature-run-amok parables. The diminutive action hero is at his self-mocking, amped-up best as Cage, a military P.

Bourne Identity director Doug Liman dazzlingly stretches and twists that clever concept to its breaking point, finding seemingly infinite variations on how Cage can screw up. But MVP honors go to Emily Blunt as a hard-as-nails soldier who has to teach this lovable cad to become a proper warrior. Even she is just an operating system. Philip K. A train, guys? Snowpiercer wears its strangeness and its singularity on its sleeve. Enjoy the ride.

Plus the kid with psychic powers who lives near a corn field has something to do with this? Kudos, sir. With Fury Road , the director delivers something close to a two-hour chase scene, as Max joins forces with steely warrior and slave-liberator Imperator Furiosa a badass Charlize Theron to rescue a group of young women from a resource-hoarding death-cult.

His vision is to empower global citizens with practical education that teaches communities to live sustainably. It is open sourced, meaning everyone in the world can participate. With soaring imagination and refusal to accept limitations, since the dawn of the humans species, we have developed the languages of mathematics and science, became skilled technologists and eventually flung ourselves and our machines off the planet and into outer space.

And why? An innate desire to explore, to secure a future and to seek the answers to questions that have had countless generations before us vexed in wonder.

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Natalie Lawler, one of the last hundred remaining Mars One candidates from a pool of over , will share her brave mission to leave the pale blue dot forever — in the pursuit of knowledge and adventure… and to provide a shining example of how a Resource-Based Economy is not the best way, but the ONLY way to live sustainably on a planet with extremely finite resources. Log in to Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Intelligent Democracy. Redifining Growth. After graduating from the Australian National University in South Asian Studies and Philosophy, I was still searching for answers to some of the big questions in life. I spent seven years in India studying under various teachers and personally exploring the foundations of human consciousness in extended solitary retreats. Moving to the UK, I studied psychotherapy and western thought systems, established a private therapy practice, and became a founding member of an international meditation retreat centre.

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Co-founding centres for human development in the UK and Europe, I traveled, teaching seminars and retreats. As a result of cross-cultural exposure, I have come to appreciate the universality of our humanity, as well as the diversity of strengths and challenges of different cultures. Based in London I am an executive member of the Emergence Foundation, which supports the funding of non-profits contributing to making the world a better place.

Rajan Venkatesh is a former journalist with the Times of India. He taught journalism in Mumbai and New Delhi. In , to further understand the principles behind the functioning of traditional Indian society and its livelihoods, Venkatesh went on to become a farmer in southern Maharashtra.

He is the editor of Raibar, a bi-lingual publication exploring global issues. His insights into community building in rural India offer glimpses into how India can survive the juggernaut of modernity, with its soul and community intact. Chris Parish is a writer and organic gardener with an abiding passion for nature and our ecological selves. With an initial university background in Zoology, he spent many years studying and then teaching meditation and communication in a number of countries. In recent times, he has increasingly become concerned with speciesism and especially with our climate and ecological emergency. Currently this has led him to be an ecological activist with Extinction Rebellion. In his dissertation Adrian is researching the Pocket Project with awareness based action research methods based on Presencing and Theory U.

Adrian has published in various magazines about young leaders, collective transformation and social change. He currently lives and works in a community in the Black Forest where he co-founded the co-working space waldraum e.