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"Then Gibbs Said to Riggins. . ."

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Age Suitability Add Age Suitability. Summary Add a Summary. Notices Add Notices. Quotes Add a Quote. Find it at EPL. Footer Menu. Contact Us Edmonton Public Library. Contact EPL. In his Jet years, before then-Redskin coach and general manager George Allen signed him as a free agent in , Riggins was a different animal than he is now. Power was only part of the package.

Speed, finesse, balance, combined with excellent pass-catching ability, made the picture complete. Oddly, the one knock on Riggins was lack of stamina. He wasn't a big horse who'd pound the tackles for 20 or 25 carries until everyone got tired except him. He wasn't a blocker, either; the Jets' attack featured pound Emerson Boozer blocking for Riggins, not vice versa.

He was a thoroughbred, and occasionally he'd get tired. There was a story making the rounds during the playoffs, one of those vignettes that quickly achieves classic status, about how Riggins approached Washington coach Joe Gibbs before this year's first playoff game and requested more action. But if you'd looked carefully, you could've seen this coming. In Riggins' eight regular-season games -- he missed one with a thigh bruise -- he averaged 22 carries, including two in which he had more than Never in his 10 previous NFL seasons had he run the ball so much.

The most carries he'd ever averaged over the course of a season was 17, in his early days with the Jets. There were other things different about him, too. He'd been a loose kid, with a puckish way of looking at things. He laughed a lot. Once he painted his toenails green before a game. On draft day, when a writer asked him to recount his No.

His explanations were imaginative and never disappointing -- and never the same. The best of the two dozen or so he offered that year was: "In the off-season I got to observe quite a number of freaks, firsthand.

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I always wondered what it would be like to be treated like one of them. Well, this is the way I found out. The sense of humor is still there, but there's more bite in it now, with an underlying layer of bitterness. He smiled once during his postgame press conference Sunday, and he came close to smiling a second time when someone asked him, "Are you doing it any better now? He smiled when someone asked him if it had worried him to go into a game knowing so much was expected of him.

I asked Glenn if he felt nervous, and he said, 'I've probably killed of them.

"Then Gibbs Said to Riggins. . ." : The Best Washington Redskins Stories Ever Told

It doesn't exactly raise the hair on the back of my neck. I've probably gone through of them, and they don't exactly raise the hair on the back of my neck. He was crazy then, and he's still crazy.

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Riggins watched Snell's career end with a ruptured spleen when he caught a knee while blocking as a member of the wedge on the kickoff team. Allen stationed him as the up-back, the blocking back, in an I formation in which he was responsiblefor blocking for Mike Thomas. Riggins was a thoroughbred who had been hitched up to a milk wagon. Jack Pardee replaced Allen. Riggins tired to renegotiate his contract in , failed and dropped out of football. Joe Gibbs replaced Pardee.

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Riggins returned to Washington at Gibbs's behest in In camp he'd finish his morning workout and strip down to shorts and track shoes," Beathard says, "and he'd run intervals, all by himself. He'd do quarter miles, run one, jog one. I started timing him. He was running 10 quarters in 75 seconds each, an incredible pace. I'm a runner and I couldn't do that. Then he'd take a shower and have lunch.

His rushes mounted and the Skins thrived. Washington established a new pattern that was repeated elsewhere in the playoffs: Use the pass to set up the run.

"Then Gibbs Said to Riggins. . ." | Triumph Books

Throw early, get the defensive linemen tired trying to rush the passer and then hammer them with your big back. The playoffs produced a rushing renaissance. In 14 of 15 games, the team that ran for the most yardage won.