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The day you decide to tell you're girlfriend you could not live without her she will leave you the next day. You're best friend stop being you're best friend the instant a beautiful woman walks in and you both are attracted to her. The more you want a women the least she will want you.

The last five laws were sent by Eric Guilbault When she says: "Don't buy me anything expensive" and you listen, expect to be single. Sent by Steve Even the most beautiful woman in the world has at least one guy who is tired of her. Sent by Bill If you marry a beautiful girl she'll turn into her mother. If you marry a plain girl she'll turns into her dad. Sent by Jim T Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife. But they never said anything about their daughter. Sent by Edgar The mother of the man, or the father of the woman you love will invariably hate you.

There will be no love for dating apps until they change their toxic cultures

The best men or women are always taken--or crazy. When you take your time getting ready your date will arrive 20 min. Procrastination is a lot like masturbation, it feels good until you realize your just fucking yourself Last two laws were sent by Ryan Shuck Women are like boats: they require constant maintenance and attention, and they cost a lot of money. Men are like buses: another one will eventually come along. Sent by Neil Never forget: Don't fuck with Mrs.

The last two laws were sent by Warneke The length of a relationship is directly related to how much you are attracted to your significant other best friend. Sex is the question - YES is the answer. Sent by Ross Henderson Romanceis when common sense flies out of the window. Being told your the nicest guy they know is the kiss of death. Sent by Ryan Shuck Everybody is most horny when alone. Sent by Timothy Boilard Beauty is directly proportional to the number of drinks consumed.

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Corollary: Beauty is also directly related to the time remaining until last call. The other side lawyers are always better then yours. The last two laws were sent by Murphy the partner you want don't want you. The ones that want you are not made for you. Sent by Argiris Any "Why" question, has no answer, and if it does, that answer is not logical. Sent by Alexandra Love will cause people to do stupid things. Loving someone to much may be cause for a restraining order. If you love a person let them go.

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If they don't come back they weren't worth it. Sex ends all interest. Cute now equal annoying later. The last five laws were sent by Nicolina DiRuscio Not everything takes longer than you expect. Sent by Suresh It's only kinky the first time you do it.

There will be love

Money and Energy. The sum of the three is constant. If you are short of one of them, you need quite a lot of the remaining two. If you are short of two of them, you need tremendous amount of the remaining one. If you are short of all the three, no hope. Otherwise the result is always success. Sent by Tony Halmos. Age: 67 The love of your life will only want you back once you are in another serious relationship. Sent by Ana M.

Unconditional Relationships: Maybe You Don't Know What Love Is

Sent by Ryan Shuck Beaches law: If you think a girl is beautiful, her boyfriend will always be there to confirm it. Seduction law: Your seduction potential is inversely proportional to your willingness to seduce The last two laws were sent by Sylvain Galibert The most intelligent statements will be thought of at the most inappropriate times. The last two laws were sent by Bob. The boyfriend of the girl you like is a Sent by C If s he wants to dump you, s he will find a reason. Marriage is like a dog with a bone, he might not touch it, just doesn't let another dogs come near it.

Sent by Ed Smith Marriage is the ending of a perfectly good sex life Sent by askingduncan Albert Einstein Gravity Law Gravity cannot be held responsible for 2 people falling in love. Sent by John A. Oxford The difference between love and the common cold is that for the common cold there is a vaccine. Sent by Bob Schreib Jr. Wedding cake cures nymphomania. Sent by Juggy Everyone believe in love, but wonder if it exists Sent by Sushil Choudhari You may get off on a cheap hooker but you can't get off on a cheap lawyer Sent by Ryan Shuck The one thing that will almost certainly come between two friends is a girl Sent by Aditya The sexier a man is, the better the chances that he is gay Sent by M.

The depth of the hole is proportionate to how oblivious you are of the fall. Sent by R. Jones The best way to get over a woman Sent by Cy Hilterman Absence makes the heart go wander. Sent by??? The person you want the most will end up with the person you hate the most. If you get it, it will be taken away. The last two laws were sent by Peter V. The last two laws were sent by Safwan Aumari Rebillot's Law of Infertility: You never know that you're infertile until you try to fertilize.

In reality it is yet another male institution. No matter what your advantages in life, love — and the quest for it — is a great leveller.

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Topics Online dating Opinion. Apps Dating Relationships comment. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Baby it's not you that I'm leaving It's this place and way of life I know you won't leave these mountains And I don't expect you to go I can't live on sawmill wages and muddy roads. I miss those mornings you had coffee made Memories hang on the wall in a frame I'd give just about anything to get back all of the love we made.

I let go of joy and hang on to pain I thought through it all you'd still love me the same I never knew until you walked away That I might be the reason that you couldn't stay Maybe we weren't meant to be Or maybe, just maybe I made it too hard to be happy. I heard you went and bought a big house Stuck here cause I never could settle down Out the window from this room I once shared with you That was our city but now I just hate this damn view. An old bottle of Dixie on the shelf Some barely knew him but I knew him well There's a clock that don't tick anymore If time could have only stopped long before.

Tools hang on the wall one by one To remind us of the things we did and things we left undone And your books are in the corner by the door Well, I ought to pick em' up cause you can't read em' anymore. And there's a painting my brother made for you He always knew your favorite cartoons And there's a sheet of dust that hides that stereo It would play and we would sing but that was long ago. Oh, this house feels almost empty but I remember when it was filled with you and all the things in this place we built So much love and all the memories that will never go away I'll never forget those days.

You love her like I want you to love me I could try real hard or I could just let it be She's got your heart, I've got your hand Maybe I misunderstand I'm drowning in what might not ever be But in life sometimes you just can't have it all Try to stand up straight but all I do is fall Fall for you, why do I do it? This is a game that's made for losin' When my cards are on the table and she's got a better hand It's fun tryin' to figure it all out But there's been times when I wanna scream so loud My feelings layin' in the dirt cause I can't stand the thought of her having you first I might overthink the situation Oh but I, baby I, get tired of waitin' She can't see what she has and I just need one chance to change your mind.

I'm gettin a little tired of every day life It's all the same, wake up and work this nine to five Then I come home just to do it again Wondering if it'll ever end or if I can get away So baby why don't you lay here with me? We don't have to talk, we don't have to sleep Sometimes words are best left unsaid We can converse in this bed, whatcha think?

I wanna be anywhere I can be yours Know every inch of you then learn a little more Build a place we can revive And have our own little piece of paradise If heaven is anywhere but here I don't wanna go I'd think I was looking at an angel if I didn't know better They say the grass is much greener on the other side But right now it's looking pretty fine to me.

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Take me back to September to the first time that you kissed my lips My hands were shaking and my heart was beating fast against your chest From that moment on you had every bit of me that I had left How could I forget? Every day I'll learn to love you better Every night I promise to kiss you more When in this life nothing else seems to matter I hope you remember that you are mine and I am yours Take me back to the first time we made love in that queen size bed You didn't have to say a word for anything to be said I'd been there once or twice before but this was nothing like the rest How could I forget?

I drove up that old county road to the place where I'm from Just to bring back memories that I made when I's young I looked over across the creek at the church on the hill The graveyard where all my kin sleep, so quiet and so still From the rush of the people in the big city lights I come back to the old home place where I played as a child Not cluttered by tall buildings or hurried by time I close my eyes and go back to the days that could only be mine A swing on the porch and a sweet scent in the air There's an old man inside who sits in a rocking chair Oh, he taught me to love and work hard for what I want Get out of this town but remember where you are from.

Got everything packed hangin' from strings on my back, two shoes on my feet Not a care in the world, just a small town girl who dances to her own beat Nuthin' on my mind but a good time, ain't got time to be held up Till a boy comes along with the sweetest song And in no time at all, here comes love How can we lose, When it's me and you? Ooh, I never knew It'd be so much better with two We ain't got much but this pickup truck will take us where we need to go Stations we passed but no money for gas I'd be okay with runnin' out on the side of the road We're just two nobody's livin' in this big hell of place But with your hand in mine it'll be just fine ain't nothin that I couldn't face.

It ain't always gonna go your way When you want it to shine, well, sometimes it's gonna rain Some days it'll pour and some days it'll fade How in the hell can you smile when all you feel is pain? It's like you're laying on the tracks with ropes tied to your feet You wanna close your eyes so you don't have to see And nobody is there to give you a hand Oh good God have mercy on me If you're watching up there then How does it manage to stab me in the back before I even know it?

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